Derby Photo Removal Policy

We generally shoot a documentary style of for our derby photos.  We enjoy capturing the moment of this wonderful sport and being a part of the community and do our best to post photos that strike a balance between documenting the bouts and being respectful of individual skaters.   We try our best to never post any photos that are too revealing, wardrobe malfunctions, etc. 

There are times however, that a photo that we might post a skater may want that photo removed.  Simply contact us at [email protected] with the url link to the photo to be removed, your reason, and we'll review the request.  We limit this authority to the skater in the photo, their parents (if under 18) and their team/league.  

We do ask that these requests be limited to valid reasons and to understand that we only photographed the moment, we didn't create it (so please be polite and reasonable in your request).  


Nate Scott
Jesse Scott (Mr Ravelyn)